Feeding the Body. Feeding the Mind.

Feeding the Body. Feeding the Mind.



Pediatric Feeding & Speech Solutions is a unique private practice in a home-like setting that offers individualized and specialized treatment options for pediatric feeding and speech and language disorders.

It is essential that children feel comfortable and relaxed in order to achieve optimal learning. This idea served as the inspiration to create a warm, home-like feel for this private practice.

The goals at Pediatric Feeding & Speech Solutions are to provide direct therapy and family education, to help children reach their feeding and communication potential, treat the individual as a whole rather than an isolated problem, decrease family stress related to mealtimes, offer individualized treatment plans, and work with other professionals to optimize the therapy process.

—Kelly Benson-Vogt, MA CCC/SLP, COM®



Since we began seeing you, Naya has improved a lot with expanding her food options. Although it’s sometimes baby steps (only one bite from a non-preferred item), she is at least trying several different foods. It’s routine now for her to have a few pieces of vegetables on her plate with almost every meal. She’s no longer gagging or vomiting while tasing new foods because she learned to breathe and wash them down with water, like you taught her. Although our visits were brief, you’ve made a remarkable difference in that aspect of Naya’s life. I’m very grateful for that, Kelly. Thank you so much!